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Episode 72: July 4th How Clear Is Your Heart To Reflect Freedom? A Beginner 1 hour Yoga Class

7 Jul
Auspicious Flag Blowing in the Breeze

Auspicious Flag Blowing in the Breeze

Declare Your Freedom

I had the opportunity to teach a yoga class at this year’s Annual Mensa Gathering in Pittsburgh! It was quite an exciting experience. It’s always such a treat to teach outside of the yoga studio, and it’s also very exciting not knowing who is going to be showing up 🙂 I was thrilled to see a pretty good outcome of between 20-25 people. The majority of them did not have yoga mats and quite a few of them weren’t wearing what we would call ‘yoga clothing’.

You see, none of this matters. The practice can be done anywhere, no props nor specific attire needed!

How Do Your Choices Reflect Optimal Freedom?

This yoga class is what I would call a beginners class. Although one does not need to be a beginner to practice it. We as practitioners can bring complexity to any class as we choose to step deeper into it’s nuances and continue to make more meaning with every breath and every movement. Something simple can be ever so fulfilling and can become a gift to all of us who choose to pull the meaning of our hearts into it 😀 Let me know your thoughts! Enjoy the practice!

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This week’s Yoga Class Online is a beginner yoga class

The Sequence of Yoga Poses in this week’s Yoga Podcast Episode is:


Sukhasana with arms interlaced above head


Sukhasana side stretch

Sukhasana with arms over head

Sukhasana w/ eyes closed



Arms over head

One arm up over the head with palm of the hand facing forward

Tadasana with One Arm Up Over Head

Arms interlaced overhead

Tadasana With Arms Interlaced Above the Head

Arms interlaced behind the back

Tadasana With Arms Interlaced Behind the Back

Standing stretch to the side

Arm salutations


Shower pose

Yoga Shoulder Stretch at the Wall or Shower Stretch

L pose at the wall

L Pose At the Wall (shoulder stretch)

Shoulder stretch at the wall

Forearm Shoulder Stretch at the Wall

Modified Parvotanasana at the wall

Modified Parvotanasana At the Wall

Pavrita Trikonasana prep at the wall w/ clock arm

Pavrita Trikonasana Preparation at the WallPavrita Trikonasana Preparation at Wall 2Pavrita Trikonasana Preparation at the Wall 3Pavrita Trikonasana Preparation at the Wall 4

Tree Pose

Easy Seated Yoga Sequence


Marychiasana III

Marychiasana III



Agni Stambasana

Agni Stambasana


Modified supta padangustasana

Easy supine twist




Yes, I Forgot To Teach My Yoga Class-Embrace Self Reflection

14 Mar
Self Reflection

Self Reflection

We are always going to make mistakes.
We are going to continue to make choices that are not the best.
There will always be times that those choices will affect others, in a bad way.

I know that.

So what do we do with that?

We do better the next time around.


Self Reflection

This is something that often times in this wonderful society of ours is left to others. My experience both for myself and observing others is that we don’t SELF reflect, but OTHER reflect. We first look outside of ourselves for what we have to do next. We look outward to know what’s inside. We look to the mirror of friends, family, media, etc. to either affirm or console us. Yes, this is incredibly important within our society, BUT it’s not the first step.

First step: Self Reflection

Taking the time to honestly look inside, and to ask questions that refine the deepest inner knowing, so that next time, that innate knowing will kindly inform us what the next, and ever more refined choice will be. Self reflection after making a mistake is challenging, it’s not comfortable and it’s definitely not pretty. In the midst of this reflection there are feelings of despair, anxiety, fear, anger- you get the idea . That’s part of our divine nature. It’s in the dark that we can begin to see the light. It’s through our willingness to step in there that we can better look outward. I find that writing is one of the ways in which I step inside. I look in and write from my heart, what has either already been resolved or what is in the process of being resolved.

The more truthful the expression the more that others can relate…and thus, the community aspect comes into play. Usually, what we receive from the conversation, either by affirming, consoling or condemning is that we are not alone. We get tons of guidance and advice to refine and deepen our choice making process. We wouldn’t be able to really digest the wealth of information that is the community if we hadn’t become more efficient in our own discernment, that is, self reflection.

Forgetting to go teach class? That absolutely sucked. Seriously. It made me feel horrible. I was anxious, disappointed, scared and angry. Those sort of emotions don’t really resonate well with me. Most of you know me, if not personally, through my yoga podcast classes or simply by browsing through this blog, so you know that I’m not the  ‘beat myself up’ kinda girl, or the ‘sit around moping and feeling sorry for myself’ kinda girl. I would say that 95% of the time I’m GREAT! When I’m not, I welcome it 🙂 as I know that I ‘m going to be doing some great learning, some great knowing.

I wrote yesterday’s post because I believe the process of stepping into the uncomfortable places deserves to be expressed. In fact it must. So many times we cover from the world all the negative experiences, especially if we are in ‘the public eye’. Sort of like keeping up appearances. As much knowledge as I may have, as much innate joy that I may posses doesn’t keep me from totally messing up and feeling bad about it. That’s the gift of being human 🙂 Perfection is imperfect. It is exactly who we are, unfinished. We get a chance to strive to create the best of ourselves all the time.

My forgetfulness has given me the opportunity to find new ways to do ‘what I used to be able to do.’ How many times have we said that when we practice yoga? “I used to be able to touch my toes”, “I used to be able to do handstands,” “I used to be more flexible.” Are we willing to do the best job that we can, to make the optimal choice given our current circumstances? Can we be the best of ourselves right now? This is not easy, as life is always changing, but are we willing to shift our perspective, and use what we do have to our advantage, now.

That’s how we step into the flow of Grace.

Thank you everybody for the love!!!!

Playful Vinyasa Sequence Video

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

I keep telling you guys this, but I’m still not teaching publicly, so I cannot post any new yoga classes for you guys 😦 But I do have one that I just found!!! I just have to take more pics for it, as there are some things that are new, and may be a bit confusing 😉 but fun, fun, fun!

I hope to get an actual class up next week! Yipee!!!

So, my way of kinda dealing with this issue is providing you all with some of my prior content on the feed so that those of you who are subscribed can get these videos delivered right to your computer!

I do hope that you enjoy these!

This specific sequence was born in class, as I was teaching, you can listen to it’s birth 😉 in Episode 33. Enjoy!

Episode 60: The Guru Inside (my last class in L.A.) Level 1 90 Min Yoga Class

23 Dec

So sorry that it’s been so long since my latest class 😦 Living in Pittsburgh with a full time non yoga job, and in the process of getting myself a class to teach. In a way my yoga podcast is suffering a bit, but I don’t doubt it will get better very soon!
I hope you forgive my sporadic posting, as I’m getting all sorts of new and wonderfull things ready for y’all 🙂

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The Sequence:

Hands and Knees

Downward Facing Dog

downward facing dog

High Lunge/Straight Legged High Lunge

straight legged lungeparsvottanasana variation

Uttanasana/Ardha Uttanasana x 2

uttanasanaardha uttanasana

1/2 Sun Salutations x 3

Surya Namaskar x 3

tadasanaurdhva hastasanauttanasana ardha uttanasana plank pose chattarunga dandasana cobradownward facing doguttanasana ardha uttanasanaurdhva hastasanatadasana

Crescent Pose

crescent pose


Parvakonasana with forearm on thighparsvakonasana prep

Vira II

warrior II


Handstand or L Pose at the Wall

handstand prep 1handstand prep 2handstand prep 3handstand at the wall

Tree Pose

tree pose



Deep Lunge on Forearms

Deep Lunge with back knee on the floor deep lunge with forearms on the floor


Pigeon Prep

Ardha Bhekasana

Ardha Bhekasana

Pigeon (yes again)

Pigeon Prep


Dhanurasana Prepdhanurasana




Omega pose (wide baddha konasana)

Easy Sukhasana forward bend


Ardha Masyendrasana

ardha matsyendrasana sideardha matsyendrasana