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Episode 1: Elsie’s Yoga Kula (The Beginning of Deepening Community)

29 Jun

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the First episode of Elsie’s Yoga Kula

Where we share, cultivate relationship and deepen our yoga by entering the community of the heart, which is both your own heart, AND it’s the heart manifesting as the company we keep.

Deepening the Connection With The Listeners

I’ve been talking a lot about getting new facet of the podcast up. And it’s finally here! Some of you guys may have been listening for a while so you may be a bit more aware of my story, but some of you may just have started to listen so I’ll just do a quick recap. I lived in Los Angeles and taught in yoga in Los Angeles until October 2007. While I was there I was blessed to have lots of fabulous classes and an incredible community of both students and teachers that I could delve into and cultivate. The LA yoga community is thriving and abundant. Now I live in Pittsburgh. I transported to the Burgh for LOVE. I’m very happy being here. I have the best family ever ever ever! with my soon to be husband and my 9 month old little daughter Hunter. The only thing that I’m lacking (other than Jamba Juice…but I digress) is the yoga community. Having started teaching again after my baby was born and being able to once again post my classes has given me a connection to you all, and I cannot tell you how much it means to me. The power of this medium and our ability to share together this incredible practice is one of the greatest blessings in my life, so I decided to share a little bit more! I want you guys, all of you that are part of this podcast and practice together, to get to know each other a little bit, plus it also gives me the opportunity to share a little bit more about other yoga related things 🙂 You guys up for it? So to begin, here we go with our first voice mail, It’s Nikki from DeMoines!

Please listen to the Podcast to hear the Voice Mail 🙂

You are so welcome! You know, I have to do another one of those deep savasana (Episode 61: Chill the Body Out, A 13 Minute Full Body Relaxation) and yoga nidra episodes (Episode 62: Yoga Nidra Yourself Out, a 65 Minute Deep Meditative Relaxation). Personally …. I LOVE those!!! I used to practice yoga nidra a lot more than I have an opportunity to now. One of these days I’m sure I’ll be able to again…oh the Mommy life 🙂 Thanks for the call!

The YoGeek in Me Comes Out

I’m a very big RSS lover. RSS is sorta like using a DVR to record the shows that you wanna watch. RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication, which means that you can syndicate or publish material ‘simply’. Most websites now days, have a feed associated with them. If you subscribe to the feed, then whenever new content is published to that feed you receive it automatically. This brings me back to the DVR metaphor, so you can read, listen or watch that content whenever you want. The way that you are subscribing to this podcast is via it’s RSS feed. When you are in iTunes (for the majority of you subscribe via iTunes) and you subscribe to any podcast, you are subscribing via RSS feed. Sorry for the long winded explanation, just doing it for those of you that may wanna clarify a bit 🙂 In order to receive the content you need to have some sort of RSS reader, such as iTunes. iTunes deals primarily with audio and video feeds. My personal favorite RSS reader that deals with audio, video, but mainly text feeds is Google Reader. I subscribe to A LOT of feeds and love reading them on my cell phone. Google Reader has a really easy and simple mobile site that I check countless times a day. The reason for this huge discussion is that I’m going to share with you guys, blogs, posts, videos, etc. that I find inspiring from Google Reader! So, here we go! I’m not sure how I found this blog, but I’m loving every post. It’s called Rose Garden Yoga by a yoga teacher named Elizabeth Goodman AND she’s a certified Anusara Yoga teacher! I’m thrilled every time I see a new post. I’m inspired by her eloquence and her love of the garden. It is soooooo worth your time. Great insight into the yoga of every day 🙂 Another blog that I’m diggin’ is the Everything Yoga Blog at itsallaboutyoga.com. I enjoy this persons posts very much. I always end up with some new information, whether it be about a specific point of view, some sort of new product or website, whatever. I believe that I enjoy reading the posts so much because the author’s voice is so natural and absolutely down to earth. Check those 2 blogs out, AND use Google Reader! You can read so many more blogs in one place! Kinda like having your own special magazine 🙂

Sharing Products, Prenatal Yoga Tips & Trainings, Plus Podcasts

Here’s a nifty little product that I LOVED! Found out about it via the Everything Yoga Blog I just mentioned. Ok, I’m sure y’all have come across SIGG water bottles, those really cool bottles from sweden? Well you can totally MAKE YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED ONES!!!!! O M G. I have 2 already, and I LOVE THEM! So if you go to http://www.cafepress.com/designer/sigg/ You can see how to do it! It really is the coolest thing ever, plus if you don’t know about Cafe Press you’ll get a chance to check out that site! It’s a GREAT resource for creating your own stuff.

And now for our next voice mail: Mary from Houston

Dude, Mary, totally humbled. Thank you! You are way too sweet. I’m soooo glad that the podcasts are able to serve you, honestly. I’m very glad. I absolutely know how you feel. Totally get it, AND I’m working hard at this whole Mommy thing, doing my best at that and all the other stuff. I think at times the will to do it all comes from a desire to connect and to serve fully. Thanks again

And now for our first email of the episode from Nora in North Carolina This is all about Prenatal Yoga!!!

You can hear the email conversation and what I have to say if you listen to the episode

Empowering your Prenatal Yoga Practice: Advise from Yogi Mama to New Yogi Mama

Speaking of prenatal yoga, Sue Elkind is doing a prenatal yoga teacher training in Athens Greece!!!!!

Sept 7-11 Athens, Greece Prenatal Teacher Training www.NYSYstudios.com

Check it out at www.sueelkind.com

If you decide to do this…please email sue and tell her that you heard it from me! snyoga (at) mac (dot) com

Another email: Lina from Malasyia!!! how exciting is that????

Thank you so much Lina! Now I’m not going to answer this question here, I’ve (actually we, my dear friend Hillary Rubin and I) Have just answered this question and lots of other neat little teacher type discussion topics over at Mudra Moments. You can subscribe via RSS in iTunes or listen straight from the website at Mudramoments.com! I’ve already let Lina know that we addressed her question in Mudra Moments Episode 13, but I thought some of you guys may be interested in still hearing the question!

One of the reasons that I’m doing this also is so that I can share with you the listeners stuff that you care about and would like to share yourself. I got an email from someone that I got to know in LA, although they lived in Las Vegas:

Yoga Rants and Raves (http://www.yogarantsandraves.com) and they are on twitter! http://twitter.com/yogasanctuary
plus, this is their WEBSITE: http://www.lasvegasyoga.com

And our last voice email of the day, Anne NC

thank you sweetie, I think Hunter is FAMOUS!!!

I still have a lot more of your emails, comments and phone calls to share! I contacted some of you to see if I could use your email, please know that I will, it’s just that I didn’t want to make this a REALLY long show…just enough to make it fun. If you want to be on the show, or share something about yourself or something you are doing that you would like me to check out and share with the Kula, send me an email eyogaclass@gmail.com, comment at elsiesyogakula.com or CALL ME!!!!!!!!! it’s soooooo easy to do it, and how fun is it to hear yourself on the show!!!!! woo hoooo 310 651 6238 🙂 or you can record your own MP3 and send it to me!

Please let me know if you enjoyed this. It’s really another way that I can deepen our relationship and allow us all to get to know each other better! Hope to hear from you!

Oh yea…one last thing 🙂 The 3rd year anniversary of this podcast is coming up at the end of July. I hope to put up a special episode, plus some fun giveaways, so if you wanna be part of that episode, send me a voice mail sharing with me a special time that you practiced with it, or something along those lines so I can put it on the show!

Much love and blessings

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A Virtual Student Recognizes Loving Your Body

25 Mar

One thing that I will always be thankful for: My virtual students.

All of you that I’ve never physically met. All of you that have never emailed me, nor contacted me but faithfully practice. All you that I’ve gotten to know via comments and emails. All of you that have sent me voice feedback. All of you that were my real live students 😉 and now have shifted to listening to me.

All of you are my teachers. I learn from each bit of communication that I get from you. You are also absolute proof to me that yoga, as an eloquent system of what I would call ‘becoming more of who you are’, WORKS.

Each one of us hears what we are meant to hear from these teachings. Each one of us expresses ourselves individually and honestly, and as we do that, we touch soooooo many around us, and inspire many to do be the best person that they can be.

Here is the magnificent Tracee Sioux of The Girl Revolution. One of YOU virtual students that I have had the blessing to meet virtually. Watch her tell the story of Yoga: Love Your Body, and mentions me in the process.

Totally humbled 🙂

Go Tracee! Thank YOU!

Yes, I Forgot To Teach My Yoga Class-Embrace Self Reflection

14 Mar
Self Reflection

Self Reflection

We are always going to make mistakes.
We are going to continue to make choices that are not the best.
There will always be times that those choices will affect others, in a bad way.

I know that.

So what do we do with that?

We do better the next time around.


Self Reflection

This is something that often times in this wonderful society of ours is left to others. My experience both for myself and observing others is that we don’t SELF reflect, but OTHER reflect. We first look outside of ourselves for what we have to do next. We look outward to know what’s inside. We look to the mirror of friends, family, media, etc. to either affirm or console us. Yes, this is incredibly important within our society, BUT it’s not the first step.

First step: Self Reflection

Taking the time to honestly look inside, and to ask questions that refine the deepest inner knowing, so that next time, that innate knowing will kindly inform us what the next, and ever more refined choice will be. Self reflection after making a mistake is challenging, it’s not comfortable and it’s definitely not pretty. In the midst of this reflection there are feelings of despair, anxiety, fear, anger- you get the idea . That’s part of our divine nature. It’s in the dark that we can begin to see the light. It’s through our willingness to step in there that we can better look outward. I find that writing is one of the ways in which I step inside. I look in and write from my heart, what has either already been resolved or what is in the process of being resolved.

The more truthful the expression the more that others can relate…and thus, the community aspect comes into play. Usually, what we receive from the conversation, either by affirming, consoling or condemning is that we are not alone. We get tons of guidance and advice to refine and deepen our choice making process. We wouldn’t be able to really digest the wealth of information that is the community if we hadn’t become more efficient in our own discernment, that is, self reflection.

Forgetting to go teach class? That absolutely sucked. Seriously. It made me feel horrible. I was anxious, disappointed, scared and angry. Those sort of emotions don’t really resonate well with me. Most of you know me, if not personally, through my yoga podcast classes or simply by browsing through this blog, so you know that I’m not the  ‘beat myself up’ kinda girl, or the ‘sit around moping and feeling sorry for myself’ kinda girl. I would say that 95% of the time I’m GREAT! When I’m not, I welcome it 🙂 as I know that I ‘m going to be doing some great learning, some great knowing.

I wrote yesterday’s post because I believe the process of stepping into the uncomfortable places deserves to be expressed. In fact it must. So many times we cover from the world all the negative experiences, especially if we are in ‘the public eye’. Sort of like keeping up appearances. As much knowledge as I may have, as much innate joy that I may posses doesn’t keep me from totally messing up and feeling bad about it. That’s the gift of being human 🙂 Perfection is imperfect. It is exactly who we are, unfinished. We get a chance to strive to create the best of ourselves all the time.

My forgetfulness has given me the opportunity to find new ways to do ‘what I used to be able to do.’ How many times have we said that when we practice yoga? “I used to be able to touch my toes”, “I used to be able to do handstands,” “I used to be more flexible.” Are we willing to do the best job that we can, to make the optimal choice given our current circumstances? Can we be the best of ourselves right now? This is not easy, as life is always changing, but are we willing to shift our perspective, and use what we do have to our advantage, now.

That’s how we step into the flow of Grace.

Thank you everybody for the love!!!!

Episode 59: Magic Revisited, Level 2, 1 hr. yoga class!

3 Dec

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Hartwood Celebration of Lights 

The Sequence:

down dog

downward facing dog

uttanasana/ardha uttanasana x 3

tadasana with parvatasana arms

1/2 sun salutations x 3

sun salutation X 3
Crescent Pose

crescent pose

On right leg only!
Monkey Lunge

Monkey Lunge
Vira I/Vira II

warrior Iwarrior II
Crescent Pose/Lunge twist

crescent posePavrita Parsvakonasana prep
Ardha Chandrasana/Trikonasana

ardha chandrasanatrikonasana

vashistasana prepvashistasana
Uttanasana/Utkatasana into twisting Utkatasana
On the left side!
Monkey Lunge
Vira I/Vira II
Crescent Pose/Lunge twist
Ardha Chandrasana/Trikonasana
Child’s Pose
Twisted Child

Twisted Child
fun new pose (crazy twisting down dog variation)

cool yoga pose prepcool yoga pose footcool yoga pose 3cool yoga pose 2
pigeon prep

Pigeon Prep
deep lunge with thigh stretch

Lunge with thigh stretch

cobra on ridgetops x2

sukhasana twist
diamond pose