Support The Podcast: Support the Family!

PA260481.JPGWhat is it that you just said Mami?

Praise The Bridge That Carried You Over

-George Colman

First I would like to THANK YOU ALL for requesting to have options to gift this podcast. I have had several requests from quite a few of you to have this option. I have finally done so!

Here’s the straight up way. Click the button and Donate 😀

Whole Foods Gift Cards!

Our family is constantly at Whole Foods and our local Co-op, and feeding our family organic, local food is #1!  I wish the Co-op had gift certificates…maybe I should suggest that!

P.O. Box coming!

Amazon Wish Lists!

My Affiliates!

Prancing Leopard

I have my own store there!!! So if you wanna get yourself something, and still support me, click on this LINK


  • Leave a review in iTunes- This is a wonderful way to keep new people aware of the podcast! iTunes has an algorithm that is based on daily/weekly participation: people subscribing (downloading episodes) AND positive reviews in iTunes. An honest review, would be lovely, regardless of whether it’s positive or not, as constructive criticism is also very much appreciated. One can always refine and get better!
  • Share the podcast with a friend- Teach them to subcribe and even have your own ‘mini’ yoga class at the location of your choice! If you do this, I would love to hear your experiences 310 651 6238
  • Write a post about Elsie’s Yoga Class: Live and Unplugged podcast on your blog- Sharing your yoga experiences with the world is a wonderful way to encourage others to participate in this lovely practice AND to get more folks stepping in their hearts and bodies 🙂
  • Link to Elsie’s Yoga Kula in your site- In the online world links really count, so putting a little link back to this site would be so greatly appreciated 😀

3 Responses to “Support The Podcast: Support the Family!”


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