Start By Breathing

Why Immerse Yourself?

Because it’s not always about feeling good. Nor is it always about avoiding or overcoming challenges. It’s about being a warrior, which at times means that you must look straight into the eyes of those things that scare you to the bone. Fear is the disguise that often manifests itself as anxiety, depression and anger. Together our job will be to remove that disguise to see what truly lies beneath. The majority of the time, what you find inside will have nothing to do with fear and have everything to do with love. Primarily, self-love and worth.

The reason I want you to stop and turn inward, is so that you can start the process of immersing yourself in the Heart. The Heart calls for each and every one of us to step in and have the courage to stay with it, to stay open and receptive, in light of challenges, troubles or simple imbalances. In doing so, you become an effective and skillful participant in YOUR life.

All of us have built-in tools – superpowers — if you will, divinely designed to keep us healthy, vibrant, powerful and constantly growing. Through our lives, either through conscious or unconscious choices, we “hide” these superpowers, and as we do so, our entire self suffers. The clearest signs of even the slightest imbalance are pretty simple: Sleep issues, headaches, chronic upper-body stress and fatigue. All of us, at some point in our lives, have dealt with and will deal with variations of these physical manifestations of stress. I know that I face most of these due to lack of sleep because my toddler has yet to sleep through the night, and it absolutely affects my everyday activities and my ability to respond as healthily as I can. Prior to being in a loving and supportive environment, some of these issues, especially anxiety, were brought on by my disconnection from my Heart — the seat of love and worthiness.

What I’m offering to you is how to work through your days, within the chaos, within a place of discomfort. Notice how I say “work” through the days. These tools that I offer you are a practice — a practice that will assist in giving you the greatest vantage point to remain authentic and truthful to yourself no matter what is going on around you. I practice daily. I practice through my ups and downs. I stay connected even when the waves of fear and uncertainty oftentimes wash over me. The more deeply I stay steady, the more my superpowers arise. Time and time again, they are accessed simply by turning to the breath.

Choose to uncover your warrior self!

Step into the challenge of Truth and get Healthy!
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This e-course is perfect for you if you…

  • Want to begin the process of self exploration in a safe and private way.
  • Need a starting point to reconnect with your health.
  • Desire to experience your breath and body without stress.
  • Want to increase your knowledge of the inner workings of the physical and energetic bodies.
  • Are ready to take responsibility for your own growth and choose to courageously take steps to be fiercely honest with yourself about what’s going on in your life and that’s holding you back from being your authentic self.

This is what you get with the Immerse! Start By Breathing -1 Month Program September 7 2010

This is an intimate program only open to 2-5 people.

  • A weekly program-specific newsletter
  • A 5-min, 5-days a week audio meditation (MP3) delivered via e-mail TOTAL: 20 short meditations
  • 1 Weekly 1.5 hour class LIVE or (recorded) TOTAL: 4 classes = 6 hours
  • A biweekly online 1 hour discussion TOTAL: 2 hours
  • Four, 1 minute videos.
  • A corresponding eBook that includes program tools, plus additional resources.
  • *optional* “textspirations” (short text messages that cultivate staying connected)
  • A personalized phone session with me.

What can you expect to have experienced after this e-course?

  • To recognize how emotions affect your breath patterns
  • To understand how your breath patterns affect your energy and stress response.
  • To know your primary and secondary breathing muscles and how we use them effectively for optimal health
  • To employ yoga postures to increase awareness and facilitate deeper and fuller breathing.
  • To have tools for breathing more efficiently, consistently
  • To grow an introspective practice for inner strength
  • To have tools to truthfully asses your lifestyle and choices and take responsibility of your life and be the warrior.
  • Individual resources and support to take you to your next level efficiently and skillfully with great sensitivity

How Are We Going to Do All This?


  • Breaking down the breath.
  • Learning about how you breathe and how that affects the rest of your life: your sleep, your reactions, your thoughts, your physical body
  • Recognizing how stress, which I view as a great disconnection from ‘who you want to be’ affects your body, your relationships, your health and your ability to see the truth in order to take empowered actions.
  • Breathing explorations within yoga classes, journaling, investigation of lifestyle behavior, commitment to the ‘let go’ and ‘the slow,’ and guidance for further study.
  • Studying yoga philosophy and metaphysics.
  • Establishing rituals and cultivating the sacred in your everyday life.
  • Obtaining guidance for further study.

This can be done in as private a way as you desire. Your participation within the group is really limited to the bimonthly discussions and they are not mandatory (although it would be lovely to have all participants there). There is also something powerful about being a part of a community and choosing to be accountable for your inner work. You, of course, can engage with me and reach out to me in whatever way feels most comfortable for you.
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I’m looking forward to working with you Superstars!!!


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