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Five Essential Beginner Yoga Books For Women To Buy And Start To Their Yoga Education (Video)

21 Aug

Ladies! Build Your Yoga Education At Home 🙂

I know when I first got into yoga the FIRST thing I did was to buy a book. I’m a fiend when it comes to books 🙂

The thing is that there are so many yoga books out there and I had no idea which were the best yoga books to buy, let alone yoga books that were accessible and not too full of yoga jargon with concepts that at that time, I wasn’t ready to digest.

I’ve decided to offer you some of my favorite yoga books for you to buy (or borrow from the Library. I’m a huge Library proponent) in order to enhance your yoga and health know-how! I have to disclose fully that they do have a bit of a female bias, but for my male subscribers, you’ll still find a wealth of information applicable to both men and women.

This whole thing was inspired by the crazy amount of emails that I get asking for advice about this very subject 🙂

Here’s the latest email from one of you lovely folks:

I am a beginner at yoga and just subscribed to your podcasts. I am interested in reading more about yoga and was wondering if there are any books you would recommend?

You can refer to the video above for a more in depth description of why I chose these books, but I’m linking to all the books that I mention below. All links to these books are using my Amazon Affiliate links, which will give me a little bit of cash to buy even more yoga books 😉 Wouldn’t you like to support my yoga reading habits?

yoga for women's health

The Women’s Book of Yoga and Health by Linda Sparrowe and Patricia Walden

This is one of my all time favorites! I use it for reference all the time. This is a MUST for your yoga library.

relaxation and stress relief yoga book

Relax and Renew by Judith Lasater

I was able to build a restorative yoga practice at home following some of her sequences. So much great information.

Anusara Yoga philosophy book

Yoga From The Inside Out: Making Peace With Your Body Through Yoga by Christina Sell

I have more sticky notes in this book than in any other book in my Yoga Library! Sometimes I just open it and use one of Christina’s sentences to inspire an entire class 😀

ayurveda for women's health

Ayurveda For Women by Dr. Robert Svoboda

This was the first Ayurveda book that I bought. I now a own a bunch more by Dr. Svoboda and have learned tons about this incredible way of life.

mother and daughter wisdom

Mother-Daughter Wisdom: Creating a Legacy of Physical and Emotional Health by Christiane Northrup

I bought this book when I found out I was pregnant. At first I thought that it was meant to be a book for mother’s of daughters but then I realized that it was a book for daughters. All women are daughters. All women have mothers, living, dead or absent. I guarantee that you will be inspired by what you read in this book and how it can help you be as healthy as you can be.

Do you have any books to add to this list?

Please share them in the comments below! I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s looking to build her yoga library 😉


Prancing Leopard Organics Clothing: Elsie’s First Impressions (VIDEO)

26 Mar

I am so honored to have been asked by Prancing Leopard Organics to review and give some feedback regarding some of their GORGEOUS clothes!

I received a delectable package containing some of the most beautiful yoga/dance/movement clothes that I have ever seen, and I’m getting ready to try them out 🙂

I shot the above video on the day that I received the clothes.

I took a pictures of the box of clothes ( a sort of unboxing) and then I proceeded to turn on my camera and just started filming me taking the clothes out of the box. I have never worn, nor seen Prancing Leopard clothes before and I had not taken the clothes out of the box prior to making the video. My reactions are *truly* my first impressions of the clothing, based upon what I touched and observed.

The video is pretty long…9 min and 41 seconds! It would be so great to get your feedback 😀

Right after I finished the video, I did go ahead and tried on all the clothes….


I’ll be posting more specific insights to each piece of clothing, focusing on efficiency, effectiveness, value and aesthetics 🙂 Plus, I’ll give you guys more details about Prancing Leopard Organics as a company and why I think they are so awesome regardless of their clothing. They truly are an extraordinary company.

I wish I could start right away with the reviews but I think it may take just a tad longer as Spring is still pretty chilly and the clothes are a tad light for mid 40s weather….so let’s all pray for 70F weather!

If you have any questions or comments in advance regarding Prancing Leopard Organics, please let me know!

What Does Namaste Mean?

8 Nov

I cannot even begin to share with you guys how often I get asked this question. Sometimes I feel a bit weird explaining it’s meaning as there’s so much more to it than just the definition.

Namaste holds a powerful relationship between people. It is a deep grounded in deep respect both in each other’s individuality and EVERYTHING that makes us the same.

One of my Facebook friends shared this video and I instantly fell in love with it.

If I could just have this little video with me all the time and play it whenever anyone asked me: what does Namaste mean? You betcha I’d play this puppy 😀

Please watch. Enjoy the power and…well just watch 😉

Elsie’s Yoga Class has an iPhone App!

10 Sep

Elsie's Yoga Class Podcast iPhone App Artwork

Hello my sweet and mighty podcast virtual kula 🙂

I have a SWEEEEEET announcement:

Elsie’s Yoga Class has an iPhone/iPod Touch app!!! Wooo hoooo!!!!

The folks over at Wizzard Media were kind enough to offer to do it for me and voila 🙂

Now what does this mean?

If you have an iPhone or Touch you can purchase the app via the iTunes store for $3.99, and with that minimal investment, you get:

  • All episodes available with one touch (no downloading onto the device, no hogging up any memory)
  • Extra content!!!! Primarily a PDF file of the class sequence, but sometimes there will be extra audio or video content.
  • One click connection – press a button and you can go directly to elsie’s yoga kula, or my twitter account, email me or call me right from the device!

How’s that for having over 70 yoga classes in your pocket at the touch of a button?

****if you have an iPod Touch, please note that the classes will only be available to you if you are connected via WiFi***

I’m currently working on getting the PDFs of the sequences together, so at this moment there is very little extra content, BUT what’s REALLY cool is that whenever I do upload the extra content you will have it. You don’t have to do anything else, just check the app, the particular episodes and see if there’s an ‘extra’ button. If that button is there, you’ve got some extra content!

I don’t generally ask much from you guys, but I’m going to ask for a bit of a favor. The way that the iTunes algorithm works is based on the amount of traffic that a particular app receives every week: purchases and reviews. I would really love to get up in the rankings with this app so more folks can find it organically. My humble request to you is to purchase the app and review it as soon as you can *bowing to you* Plus, full disclosure, I do make a teeny bit of money for every purchase, split between iTunes, Wizzard Media and I  🙂

If you would like to donate a little something to the podcast? Buy the app and tell your friends 😀

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

The link that follows takes you directly to the iTunes music store link, so if you have iTunes installed it will launch it for you. If you don’t want that to happen you can search for Elsie’s Yoga Class in the app store in iTunes

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

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