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Organic Yoga Clothing Review: Prancing Leopard Organics The Jumpsuit Aix-en-Provence (with Video)

2 May

Prancing Leopard Organics

I sooooo wish that the weather would have cooperated with me just a tiny little bit more, as the reason I’ve been taking so long to review the Prancing Organics clothes is simply cause it’s been a tad too chilly!

I tend to run cold….


We begin with the loveliest of the lovely The Jumpsuit Aix-en-Provence!

My review guidelines are simple: efficacy, economy, exigency and aesthetics

You can either watch the 5 min review video below, or you can simply read the post 😀 It’s all up to you!


The ease of movement in this jumpsuit is awesome. Doing a full practice is pristine. It moves with the body seamlessly…and speaking of seams…it feels like there aren’t any! My experience practicing with this thing on was blissful. I holds sweat pretty well and does not get in the way, just the opposite, it really feels like you aren’t wearing anything because it’s so loose 🙂

The Jumpsuit Aix-en-Provence is quite effective as a dressier type of outfit.. The material is high quality and paired off with some high heeled boots or some sweet platform sandals or heels, add some funky jewelry and it would be a pretty delectable outfit. Bonus, you’d be crazy comfortable wherever you went 😀

The pockets! It has the coolest pockets! Those puppies come in very handy.

How does owning this jumpsuit make your life easier? If you’re traveling for a yoga workshop/conference, it’s easily packable and light weight. It’s also one piece of clothing, so you don’t have to waste time trying to match tops and bottoms. Putting it on is a breeze. Now, specifically for me, having a jumpsuit is a bit of a challenge while going potty as often times I have my 18 month old daughter with me, and well…let’s just say that it’s not as efficient for me at this point in my life 😉

Very important observation: you MUST wear a sports bra or something else underneath the thing if you are practicing yoga, as my lovelies kept on popping out!


Prancing Leopard Organics The design is effective and I would venture to say very artistic. It was very easy to get in and out of it. There are no buttons or tags anywhere and it feels like a dream! This is not your random piece of clothing. It is unique. It is well thought out and beautifully made. It is without a doubt a fashionable garment. Given all of that the price tag reflects that level of workmanship and artistry.

There are 2 types of Jumpsuit Aix-en-Provence: The cotton jersey, which is $147 and the fine cotton which is $163. The insights I share with you about this garment are regarding the Jumpsuit Aix-en-Provence cotton jersey, which absolutely feels like fine cotton! I do believe that it is appropriately priced, especially when you take into account the values of the company and their commitment to sustainability . Even if you do get your money’s worth this garment may be out of some people’s price range.


The Jumpsuit Aix-en-Provence doesn’t try to be anything that it is not. Like I mentioned before this is a very unique piece of clothing. It is luxurious, it is feminine, it is special and it may not be for everybody. I believe this is the sort of garment that if it’s meant to be yours it will be. It requires commitment to pull off it’s style.

Prancing Leopard OrganicsThe need that this garment fills is that of beautiful clothes that can be worn for an array of occasions. This is a piece of clothing that you could feasably go to work in, practice yoga, dance, pilates in and then go out on the town in. You may or may not wanna do all this in one day…but I digress 😉 What I’m saying is that you are not just purchasing a work out outfit, you are investing in an outfit that will work in a lot of different ways.

Insight: lovely and luxurious clothing such as this is more challenging to wear if you are a Mom of little ones. The first time that I put on my jumpsuit, within a few minutes, my daughter had peed on it and I got some Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment on it *sigh*. Believe me, I was NOT happy.


I love, love LOVE my jumpsuit. I feel great in it. I feel feminine. I feel pretty in it, and absolutely comfortable to boot! When I wear it, I feel a bit more dressed up than with my usual yoga gear. It just feels soooo darn good on my body! I adore the fact that it’s all flowy and falls so beautifully. I had a fellow yoga teacher ask me if I’d lost weight ( I hadn’t). I told her “nope, it’s the outfit”. And that was the truth. 😀 It falls just perfectly while accentuating all the ‘right’ parts.

When I stepped out wearing my jumpsuit for the first time (after I cleaning up the sprinkle pee and diaper ointment) within 10 minutes I had another woman comment on how cool my outfit was. It really is a cool outfit.

One of the main reasons that I love prancing leopard is their philosophy. Here’s a bit:

Love, care and organic cotton: this is our passion. Our dream is really great clothing that intelligently supports a dynamic lifestyle and a company that endeavors to give back to the society, culture and the earth in every way. Balance.

To benefit both the wearer as well as the world, we chose organic fabrics. Our goal was to find the most beautiful fabrics, combining natural organic fibers with comfort and performance. Made with sustainable fibers to support organic farmers and sustainable farming practices.

♥ I adore my jumpsuit ♥

Of course if you want to get your own sweet Jumpsuit head on over to www.PrancingLeopard.com 😀

Do you own this jumpsuit? How about sharing your own insights? The more we share the more well rounded information we can provide!

Are you up for reviewing one of your favorite products for EYK? Just use THIS as a guideline, OR simply submit the questionnaire and I’ll happily post it for you. Enrich the kula, and help us all make choices that line up best to our individual needs.


Prancing Leopard Organics Clothing: Elsie’s First Impressions (VIDEO)

26 Mar

I am so honored to have been asked by Prancing Leopard Organics to review and give some feedback regarding some of their GORGEOUS clothes!

I received a delectable package containing some of the most beautiful yoga/dance/movement clothes that I have ever seen, and I’m getting ready to try them out 🙂

I shot the above video on the day that I received the clothes.

I took a pictures of the box of clothes ( a sort of unboxing) and then I proceeded to turn on my camera and just started filming me taking the clothes out of the box. I have never worn, nor seen Prancing Leopard clothes before and I had not taken the clothes out of the box prior to making the video. My reactions are *truly* my first impressions of the clothing, based upon what I touched and observed.

The video is pretty long…9 min and 41 seconds! It would be so great to get your feedback 😀

Right after I finished the video, I did go ahead and tried on all the clothes….


I’ll be posting more specific insights to each piece of clothing, focusing on efficiency, effectiveness, value and aesthetics 🙂 Plus, I’ll give you guys more details about Prancing Leopard Organics as a company and why I think they are so awesome regardless of their clothing. They truly are an extraordinary company.

I wish I could start right away with the reviews but I think it may take just a tad longer as Spring is still pretty chilly and the clothes are a tad light for mid 40s weather….so let’s all pray for 70F weather!

If you have any questions or comments in advance regarding Prancing Leopard Organics, please let me know!

It’s Just Play! Mama and Baby Yoga, Finally! (Video)

10 Feb

I’m very cerebral. I love the whole brain stimulation.

When I first got bit by the yoga bug, after those first few classes, I went out and got myself some hard core yoga books. I enrolled in a semester of Sanskrit, a course about Samkhya Philosophy and another on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. All these courses were taken at LMU, my alma matter. All this BEFORE I EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT DOING TEACHER TRAINING!!!! In my little mind I thought I would learn Sanskrit and read the classical texts in Sanskrit so I could translate them myself….



I have no idea WHERE I got that idea, but, it proves my point, I’m a cerebral person ☺

So I got my crazy brain involved with practicing yoga with my baby. I wanted to do it ‘right’. I wanted to do the ‘proper’ experience for her, one that was going to help her develop, and grow strong, and calm down, and relax and, you name it. I kept stopping myself from getting on my mat, because I wanted the time on the mat to be ‘perfect’ and ‘productive’ and…on and on and on with the excuses.

I finally allowed myself to listen to me and to her

I finally allowed myself to truly KNOW from myself.

I finally let go of my BRAIN.

All you have to do is play!

You just have to play. Life is yoga. In life we play. We play to the best of our ability. We choose to participate and question, and deepen and refine simply so that we can offer all that loveliness back out AND so that we can truly enjoy each moment. Motherhood is also play, although at times it’s play with very high stakes!

I got on the mat and played with my daughter. I got on the mat and simply looked at her, felt her, hugged her, kissed her, and we PLAYED. We practiced yoga together, and I’m so excited. Our first practice: 5 blissful minutes. My heart is full. This is why I practice yoga. It had nothing to do with the postures or the mat. It had everything to do with our engagement with each other and our willingness to participate and do the best that we could. That’s yoga.

Wanna watch? Check out the video below 😀

Let me know your thoughts about yoga with your baby and your experiences on the mat. In what ways has practicing with your baby informed your practice?

Oh yea…in Sanskrit play is lila. That’s not just any ‘ol play, it’s divine play, how about that?

Yoga in Pittsburgh: Monday night’s theme- Vasudeva (Video)

17 Jan

I have been toying with providing you guys with more video. My dream is to be able to get some good videos without in any way intruding in the yoga class itself. For the moment I’ve found that the least intrusive way to get the video is to video tape my intro, as it’s just me and I don’t have to put anyone else on the spot. I place the camera on the side, that way it also does not call any attention.

This specific video was shot at my public yoga class on Monday nights at 6pm at Yoga Matrika in Point Breeze. The entire class is available via audio here.

Those of you that live in Pittsburgh and especially in Point Breeze, why not come on by? You can even listen to the class to listen to my teaching style so you already know what to expect 🙂

I hope to do more of this in the future!

What do you think?