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Episode 64: From Pittsburgh! Expand and Contract, a Beginner 1 hr Yoga Class

18 Jun

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About this yoga podcast episode:

This is a total beginner yoga class, a fantastic class to start with, plus it’s only an hour 😉 Let me know what you think!

I also suggest very strongly to put a blanket or a towel or something folded and supportive beneath your bum, especially if you have a tight lower back, hips and hamstrings. Do as I say, not what you see in the pics 😉 (took the pics at work and there are no blankets or towels there…just dirty carpet!)

The Sequence of Yoga Poses:

Seated Meditation Sequence

Seated Side Stretch and Looking Up

Easy Seated Twist

Wide Baddha Konasana

Seated Forward Bend Prep Vinyasa

Supta Tadasana with arms facing each other

Supta Padangustasana Prep or Full Supta Padangustasana

Knees to Chest

Easy Supine Twist

Hands and Knees

Cat/Cow Stretches


Downward Facing Dog x

Lunge Preparation and Full Lunge (arms inside of front leg)



Arm Salutations

Standing Side Stretches

Tadasana on tippy toes

Half Sun Salutes x 3

Tree Pose


Agni Stambasana Prep

Supine Twist Variation



Episode 63: The Spotlight is Always On, Level 1, 90 minute yoga class

31 May

Finally I posted a new episode!!

This is a nice hip opener class so get to it!

Episode 39: Spotlight Integrity

You will need a yoga block for this or yoga blocks (towards the last quarter of the class)

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Jade Yoga Mat contest! There’s a Jade Yoga mat just waiting for you! All you have to do is fill out the survey that you can access from my side bar or right below 🙂

For all of you that happened to have filled out the survey before I announced the contest, please email me at eyogaclass (at) gmail (dot) com and give it to me so I can add you to the list of hopeful winners 😀

I will announce the email at the beginning of July

Of course I gave the wrong contact number *sigh* it’s 310 651 6238, call me!

In this yoga class podcast:

Hands and Knees

Down dog

high lunge right an left



ardha uttanasana


half sun salutes x 2

Surya Namaskar C x 2

lunge with back knee on the earth and arms up

arms interlaced behind the back with legs bent behind you and flat back (utkatasana legs)

straighten legs with arms behind x2

Deep lunge with knee on the floor and arms inside leg (Right side)

down dog

Deep lunge with knee on the floor (Left side)

down dog

Crescent Pose


down dog

twisting downward facing dog

uttanasana/ardha uttanasana/tadasana

surya namaskar x 2



Vira 2



child’s pose


lunge twist (parvakonasana twisting)

runner’s lunge twist

downdog with open hip leg up

child’s pose

get a block or two!!!!

pavrita trikonasana

hanumanasana prep x 2 with a block

happy baby

chill on the back

on the belly, ardha bhekasana

dhanurasana x 3

easy supine twist

supta padangustasana twist (Supine hamstring strech with twist)

twist with legs crossed

knees to chest


Episode 62: Yoga Nidra Yourself Out! a 65 min Deep Meditative Relaxation

25 Jan

This week’s yoga podcast is once again about something other than asana. I had such a great time recording this Yoga Nidra! Experience deep yogic sleep. It’s a great practice for unwinding and truly diving into the depth of unconsciousness. So fun 😀


intro song: Movin’ from the Pure Creative Spirit CD

yoga nidra music: Gaya from the Desert God CD

I’m not a yoga nidra expert by any means. I had a experience during a Yoga Therapist teacher training to study with Richard Miller and experienced such bliss!

I bought his yoga nidra tapes and practiced it at home that way.

In case you are interested here are some more sources of Yoga Nidra studies and basic information: The Yoga Nidra CD that I have

Yoga Nidra on Wikipidea

Totally dug Anandmurti Gurumaa’s beautiful voice in this CD. If I were to buy another Yoga Nidra CD I would get this one:
this site has a great introduction to yoga nidra narrated by Anandmurti Gurumaa, so worth it.

Plus she’s got a great website herself: Anandmurti Gurumaa
With a fantastic Charity for girls…Shakti 🙂

Richard Miller and his website Non-Dual.Com

These are a couple of Richard Miller’s books:

Integrative Restoration: The ancient practice of yoga nidra, for easing stress, healing trauma, and awakening to your timeless Presence.

Yoga Nidra: The Meditative Heart of Yoga

Rod Stryker : and his CD Relax Into Greatness
I based my yoga nidra on his CD. His stuff is also great.

All right,

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Video Supplement to Episode 31: Pincha Mayurasana Prep with Headstand Arms

21 Jan

A supplement Video to my yoga podcast, focusing on a variation of Pincha Mayurasana (feather of a peacock) with a different foundation-Head Stand arms.

It’s not the full pose, it’s simply the preparation for the pose so this is great for beginners 🙂

This specific pose is done in Episode 31 of Elsie’s Yoga Class Live and Unplugged Podcast.

I decided to release this on my feed given the fact that I don’t really have a chance to teach publicly (as of now 😦 )

Would love feedback!

Also….my Birthday is on February 6th, and in order to celebrate, I would love to get up to 50 reviews in iTunes! Please help! Currently I have 32, that’s only 18 more people! Let’s do it!

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