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What if you could have access to a yoga conference in the comfort of your own home?

9 Feb
Now that I live in Pittsburgh I am just beyond amazed at the wealth of yoga opportunities I had while in LA. At any time of the day, any day of the week I could decide to go take a yoga class, and had plenty of choices. There were also an obscene amount of workshops available to take, with world class yoga masters ALL THE TIME! (In fact I just got wind of one of my most favorite people in the world doing a workshop over at Golden Bridge in LA this month and I just about died…I would have LOVED  to go…)
I see how lucky I was now. I didn’t quite recognize it when I was in the midst of it, and I can truly say that I took it for granted.
I long for choice now here in Pittsburgh
My dear and mighty friend Hillary Rubin alerted me to the fact that this incredible event is going to be taking place THIS MONTH!!!!
It’s a full blown yoga conference but all virtual! Basically what that means is that you have access to a fantastic array of very talented yoga professionals via your computer.
The majority of the events will be more along the lines of health and wellness lectures. It will involve a lot of tools into how to integrate your yoga into your every day life, the lovely merging of mind and body. Each session will have a unique interactive component with the teacher, plus you will have access to interact with each teacher via private forums and while in each session you can ‘raise your hand’ and address any questions that you may have.
If for some reason you do not have the time to sit down for those 3 days in front of your computer..HA! 😉 you have access to the recorded material, plus any extra material that each teacher offers.
There will be a handful of teachers that WILL BE TEACHING ASANA CLASSES and those will not only be accessible via audio, but will have a video component to them!
And PLEASE check out Hillary’s session HERE. I am sooooo excited to that she’s doing this! You can learn all about how powerful she is 😀
and because she’s my dear friend she has shared with me her fancy pants CODE so y’all can SAVE $100!!!!!! That’s over 50% savings…pretty darn awesome 😀
When you decide to attend the virtual world yoga conference use coupon code HLR219 to get your savings
I’m pretty darn excited about this.
I know that it’s ‘virtual’. I’m fully aware that yoga conferences, or classes or workshops are better ‘in person’. I absolutely understand! I work with energy and know in the deepest part of myself that there’s something about ‘being there’ that you can’t get ‘virtually’, but, when your own desire is there to deepen your own practice, and at the moment the options that you have available to you are limited, this is a great way to step into your yoga.
Hope to have you participate!

Episode 75: Immune System Relaxation and Imagery-Strengthen for the Flu Season!

16 Dec

Or just use the player below 🙂

Hello All!

Here’s a new one towards the end of the year!

I know I know! It so has been forever. I will now officially stop apologizing. Here’s all I have to say about my lack of posts…Hunter. If you don’t know who that is..that’s my 14 month old daughter.
This week’s episode came about from a lot of your requests for some more meditation/relaxation type stuff. I decided to put this little imagery relaxation to strengthen the immune system as a little treat to get you through the flu season! How about them apples?
The music that you hear in the background is by the talented Vic Hennegan off his CD Desert God and the song is called Gaya.The whole thing runs about about 32 minutes all together. Give it a go and let me know your thoughts!
Oh and I’m already editing episode 76! and guess what…a level 2 class 🙂 yipeee! That should be out before the new year, I promise!
You know Elsie’s yoga class live and unplugged podcast is brought to you by the elsie’s yoga class podcast app. Now why would you want this  iPhone app? Number 1 accessibility. In version 1.2.1 these are the nifty things that you can do with the app. You have all the episodes at your fingertips at all times. You can stream the episodes at your choosing whenever you want without taking up any extra memory on your device. One new functionality with the app is that if you happen to shut of the phone, or someone calls you…or your baby calls you…the app remembers where you left off! how cool is that? so you can continue with your practice right where you left off!
This won’t work too well with the relaxation stuff… but I digress. 😉
Another functionality that I found awesome will benefit those of you that happen to own the iPod Touch. So how about when you know you are going to be away from any wifi hotspots or maybe you don’t get service somewhere, such as on an airplane and you want to do one of my meditation episodes? You can now star any episodes that you enjoy the most, so that you can quickly access them AND you can then download the episode that you want quickly so that when you don’t have a connection you can have it with you! I thought that was pretty sweet 🙂
Anyway, if you own an iPhone or iPod Touch please consider buying the app! It’s only $3.99 and it would be a GREAT gift for a fellow yogi 🙂 plus it does support this podcast.
thoughts and feedback: eyogaclass(at) or call 310 651 6238! hugs and kisses all!

Holiday December Yoga Workshop in Pittsburgh!

21 Nov

A Yoga Workshop to Get You Through the Holidays

  • Do you just need time to yourself to relax and remember what truly matters?
  • Do you long for time to clarify your intentions for the upcoming year?
  • Do you wish to make the holidays more meaningful…again?
  • Are you already stressed out by the upcoming holidays?

Then this workshop is for you! You’ll get an opportunity to heat up you body with yoga asana and cool your mind with sweet relaxation and mediation 😀 I know that often times I feel like I just need the TIME, well THE TIME IS NOW!


Season of Light, Body of Peace

Make this holiday season count by giving the best of yourself, and be ready to step into the last part of the year with your Heart full and ready to Light all those around you.

Here’s the info:

Sunday December 6 from 12:30-2:30pm at Yoga Matrika

6520 Wilkins Ave
Point Breeze
Pittsburgh PA 15217

You can Pre-Register at the Yoga Matrika Website for $25 or $35 at the door!


I look forward to seeing all of you there 😀

If you would like the PDF for my  dec workshop go ahead and click on it 🙂


If you want more information please feel free to email me at eyogaclass (at) gmail (dot) com or leave me a comment on the site!

EYK Episode 2: Financial Anxiety Meditation and an Update

3 Aug

There is Enough...In The Park

There is Enough...In The Park

The Yoga of Everyday Life and Podcasting!

I honestly have tried to post and episode for almost a month. Every day I think about it. Every day I decide THIS is the day to get it all done. Every day the day ends, I’m exhausted and focusing on editing, writing, encoding and uploading is the last thing that my brain is capable of doing 😦

3 years ago I began to publish this podcast. 3 years ago Elsie’s Yoga Class: Live and Unplugged Podcasts came to life! So much has changed, and so much has stayed the same 🙂

A few things that have stayed the same:

  • My love for podcasting
  • My love for yoga
  • My love for service
  • My love for you guys!
  • My love for legwarmers

Although I am no longer the care free legwarmer wearing bicycling full time yoga teacher from Los Angeles and have morphed into the occasional legwarmer wearing full time Mommy/Wife part-part time yoga teacher from Pittsburgh the deepest part of my heart still wants to continue this podcast, PLUS add better content to all those of you who would like it. I may not be consistent. I may say things that I want to happen only to have my life block me in some way, but I never forget what I’ve said. I’m still with you and plan to be with you for as long as you will have me! 😀

This is Episode 2 of Elsie’s Yoga Kula.

I share a bit of an update and invite you to participate in a small mediation that helps us all that are dealing with financial challenge/stress. I know that finances are tight for a lot of people. I also know how economic matters may prove to be huge causes of stress, anxiety, fear, and even health problems. The short meditation in this podcast episode is just a simple way to reconnect with the abundance that we DO have, something we often forget. I tell you this from personal experience. I share this meditation with you because I know that I do this little meditation almost daily because it helps me to stay grounded, and I definitely need to keep my connection to the bigger Source. I share with you because it’s a great way to connect with one another so that we may through our thoughts create support for each other in these financially challenging times.


listen here button

(it’s really a short one! Less than 20 min!)

Love the Feedback!

  • email me- eyogaclass (at) gmail (dot) com
  • leave me a message- 310 651 6238 (I’d love to play you guys on the episodes! Plus you can promote your stuff that way!)
  • or comment on this blog!

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