Elsie’s Yoga Link Love for the Week Ending 2/28/2010

28 Feb

I’ve been throughly enjoying the new Elsie’s Yoga Kula FB Page! You guys are awesome 🙂

I decided to share with all of you some of the awesome links that have been posted to the page as way to grow the community and to stay inspired!

From now on I hope to do this little post weekly, so that we can all refer to these empowering bits of wisdom as we go through the week, and also come back to these posts as a way to remember. I know that there is plenty of inspiration for class themes to keep me going for a while!

Lovely Yogic Words of Wisdom

Anusara Yoga: Weaving the Shamrock Within (by Cat McCarthy) my favorite quote from the article:

Therefore, what is considered to be fortuitous is actually an ability to spot the breaks in the woven fabric of a quilted clover field. Perhaps there’s luck involved. But I see it as an empowering skill to see changes in patterns and shifts in perspective, so that the full spectrum of life can become favorable. This is the alchemizing foundation of the tantric philosophy of Anusara Yoga.

Being Judicious, Not Judgemental– This one was shared by one of our mighty kula members Sara Lee Cely 😀 The Web site is pretty cool. Quite inspiring.

Yoga Therapy: Yoga For Movement Disorders– Yoga Therapy is my first love and this article gives a great overview of an awesome resource for folks that have a harder time being in their bodies, whether it be because of some physical condition, disease or simple lack of every day activity. I would venture to say that the book that is mentioned in this post is fantastic for yoga beginners of all shapes and sizes.

Publishing a Podcast Episode of Elsie’s Yoga Kula 🙂 This of course is a post from my own yogic social media and consulting site. Check out what it took for me to get EYK #4 out

Stabilize the Periphery and Move From The Core” (and blogging)– This is one of my favorite blogs.

The Teachings of Money Trees– From one of my buddies from the LA Kula that I so adore. Kris Nelson is fantastically wise and deeply talented as a teacher of life (and business). Here is a bit of it:

The darkness is the past, pain, indulgence, unsacred, sacrileges, excessive, and unconscious. In our attempt to turn towards the light, the darkness is often rejected, hidden, obscured, and denied. This leads to all sorts of issues, challenges, and future pain. Like the Money Trees teach, the darkness can never be abandoned – it’s a part of life, and one half of the paradox of light, of seeking. Resolving the darkness and resting in the darkness is one side of the ladder of spiritual growth.

PREVENTION Not Treatment| Ideas of Change in America– Another addition by a virtual kula member (she’s amazing). This time sharing some much needed insight and power for change within our health industry. This is how I live my life and what I aspire for the country 🙂 Check it out!

Ask The Yogacist: But What Kind of Yoga is Right For Me?– Got some loooove from the mighty @YogaDork! Sharing the love back 😀

The Interior Liberation of Gratitude– Can I just tell you what a Rock Star Elena Brower is? Seriously. This is a must read post, plus she’s doing so many great things around the yogasphere 😀 I share a smidgen with you..you must read the whole thing!

For years I’ve taught Anusara yoga, always finding ways to express, explore and unearth the richness and relevance of these two aspects of our practice, but never explicitly felt comfortable saying the words, even though I felt their meaning and the prosperity in my body when I set my attention on them. Somehow, this job of representing an enormous fitness conglomerate has brought me so much closer to the space of my heart, and yours, and every student and teacher with whom I’ll have the honor of sharing what I’ve come to understand. And here in my heart I’ve found nothing but gratitude.

Hope you all enjoy these great inspiring yoga links 😀

And come join me in the fan page! Add your own links and share with the kula.

Have a lovely end of February!


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