Being Geeky on other Podcasts! Sorry I’ve been MIA :(

15 Apr

When am I going to stop writing: I’m so sorry, I’m still catching up to my HUGE life transition, not teaching publicly yet, blah, blah, blah! Honestly.

I am actively now seeking employment as a yoga teacher in Pittsburgh now. It’s been a long process to get here I tell you! Spring is definitely springin’ and my body and soul are ready to come out! So promise I’ll keep y’all updated! Plus…I have a retreat coming up in August! Elsie, yoga, retreat, July, fun 😀

check out all the relevant retreat info HERE! I would love love love to have some of y’all show up!

Now, it’s not like I’ve just been sitting on my behind not doing anything. I’ve actually been working my booty off, just not in the yoga asana way 😉

Here’s a podcast that I did with my friend Victor Cajiao this weekend. In this podcast episode we talk about all things podcasting, gear, how to get into it, new media, etc. At the end I speak a bit about how to keep the geeks healthy, which is something so very dear to my heart. You can also hear me and what I’ve been up to and of course how in the world I ended up in Pittsburgh! You can also hear the ‘other’ side of Elsie, the total geeky side 😀

Enjoy and Listen!

The podcast is about an hour long, you are more than welcome to stream it straight from here:

Go to Victor’s site and listen from there (while checking out all the show notes! (which I recommend you do anyway)

Or you can always subscribe to Victor’s show, the Typical Mac User Podcast via iTunes HERE! So many options 😀

Would love to hear from you if you happen to hear it! Lots of great info.

I promise I’ll be coming back……..*sigh*


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