Live Yoga Class with Elsie: Unplugged #1

31 Jul

My first try at getting a class out there! Pretty raw, unedited. A level 1 class which includes sun salutations, standing poses, hip openers, twists, a supported backbend and plenty of child’s pose!!!! It was a hot day during class, about 24 peeps rockin’ it out! The class runs 1hr and 15 min.

Now, this is the deal: I need your feedback, really, really bad!!! I need to know how this works, if you enjoy it, why, why not, what could be better, etc. I would love to hear from those of you who have never taken a class from me before, and have never done yoga before, possibly, to see if it’s a possibility at all! If you have done yoga before, let me know if it’s doable for you also. I would love it, for those of you who really like it, to tell me why, what works.

My dream is for you guys to be able to take these classes whenever you want, wherever you are, and enjoy yourselves. Y’all can skip ahead if I get to talking to much, imagine that 😉 Power to shut the teacher up! But I need to know how to make it better and if it works at all, bottom line, if not then we can together come up with what works, as a teacher is not a teacher without students 🙂

I’ve also put out some information as to how to subscribe to this podcast, on one of my Pages so that you can subscribe to it, and just get it delivered to you!

You can comment on this site, or if you’d rather, email me, there’s a button right at the top left hand side!


4 Responses to “Live Yoga Class with Elsie: Unplugged #1”

  1. Cindi Bates August 7, 2006 at 8:04 pm #

    I just completed the yoga session available by podcast at your website and am delighted to be the first to respond! I am a 56-yr.-old woman living in Ottawa, Ontario and have just completed the 7th of 12 weekends of Yoga Teacher Training. I found the lesson challenging and enjoyable. Hip Openers happen to me one of my challenges. For the most part, I found your instructions very easy to follow, as they were precise, clear and thorough. When it came to the supported backbend, I was not able to visualize the posture so I went into Bridge Pose, then Legs up the Wall. I liked the energy of your voice and your use of humour. You provided a new dimension to my practice with the repetition of movements and some new ways of thinking about some postures (e.g., scissoring legs together in lunge)and I thank you for that! I found this a very intriguing way of doing a yoga lesson – it provided me with a good departure from the routine I tend to repeat with occasional changes. If you are interested in constructive comments, I would only say that I found the repetition of the word “sweetly” toward the end of the lesson, a bit of a distraction. Again I thank you – it was nice to “meet” you.

  2. Elsie August 7, 2006 at 8:56 pm #

    Thank you Cindi for your words!!! Your comments are exactly what I want to hear! I so appreciate your constructive comments as we all tend to develop speech habits and sometimes they are so very distracting, I know that from experience! This has been such a huge learning experience, as I have to remember that even though I have students infront of me, I have to remember those of you who happen to be elsewhere, and all you have to go on, is my voice. I’m going to post, a picture of the supported backbend with blocks as soon as I can, which may be in a week and a half or so as right now I’m away from all my props heading out of town. Thank you again Cindi!

  3. Molly August 30, 2008 at 7:11 pm #

    I did this class for the second time yesterday. I have some gushing praise– love it! And specifically, I love it as a really good downward dog and uttanasana “intensive” . Good reviews of alignment. All the poses are pretty basic, but I still sweated hard!

    Secondly, I caught it this time when you whispered to someone, “it’s ok, everyone else looks comfortable in the pose, but I promise they’re not.” I laughed out loud.

  4. Elsie September 2, 2008 at 7:32 pm #

    LOL 😀 so glad you caught the whisper!!! Goodness you are so going into my back catalogue. I have not even visited this page in a long time!!!! thank you!

    Yeay for DownDog and Uttanasana intensives!!!

    I have to get back here and update the whole post with all the pics and stuff….totally embarrased!!!!

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