The Cleanse: Part 4

24 Jul

Well rested 🙂 Good nights Rock! Excited for my day today, went to mass at 9am, the church was airconditioned which was a plus, and then I just came home to get ready to go to Costa Mesa! We had a teachers gathering in Costa Mesa for all the Anusara Yoga teachers in Southern California. It was so great! I was hungry from the moment I woke up. My belly was rumbling and I just think it’s been enough. I drank as much as I could before we left, and once I got there, while practicing I didnt’ get a chance to drink too much as everything was way to exciting to drink. Hanstand Time!My body felt fine, I was not really fatigued at all, nor did I feel weak in any way, which was good! I didn’t at all push myself and truly I was just overly excited to be around all my teacher buds and watching all of them with their off the hook practices, INCREDIBLE! Lucy and Camila

It was the funnest thing ever!!!! Pure craziness

Crazy yogis going nuts!!!! Now that’s playing hardcore!!!!! So Cal Kula Now theres a happy crew!!!! The So Cal Anusara Yoga Kula, gathering up to pump joyful play all over…..

Anyway, getting back to the cleanse thing. You see why it was hard to focus on anything! But, even while practicing I felt a bit hungry, so it’s time to break it, I feel. Of course one cannot just go crazy with this whole thing, one has to do it gradually, so I had salad and a turkey sandwich, sans the bread, as it’s better to combine protein with veggies, for better digestion. I was happy. Had a bunch of strawberries, and chocolate. I have to say, no fireworks for the chocolate…hmmmmm…..have I found tastier things within than without?

All in all I’m glad I did it. Maybe I’ll get better at it in the future, and I do feel it’s necessary to break patterns and move in to places that are not comfortable, it’s necessary for growth and for a deeper understanding of our essensial nature. Now that applies to anything, as you see from the pics above, we can all help each other to strive for greatness!!!!!


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