The Cleanse: Part 3

23 Jul

IT WAS 114 DEGREES IN LA VERNE TODAY!!!! I have to say that I think the lethargy and lack of energy was all about the heat today, nothing to do with my cleanse. It felt like vegas, but humid. Oh my gosh, we were sweating just sitting, everything stuck and I could barely breathe, it felt as if I was breathing dense hot air and it got stuck in my throat. Just nuts!!!

I made Daddy go to Whole Foods yet again so that I could buy more vegetable juice before he dropped me off at the train station, I made him drink a coconut water, which I live by and he thought it was refreshing. Very cooling and essensial on a day like this! So my trip back home was absolute perfection, it was as if the public transportation was just waiting for me to get home. The Gold Line was right there, straight away transferred to the Red Line, and then I took the last transfer onto the 720 Metro Rapid, now that bus rocks! metro rapid How cool is that bus? Anyway, thank god again for podcasts, this time Dave’s Lounge, oh it was sooooooo nice to listen to all this great music, just chilling while being driven around. There are many days when the transportation system just does not work, but today, I must say, it rocked.

So I’m thinking that tomorrow will be my last day on this cleanse. To be honest, I don’t feel too much difference. I’m not sure if maybe I should stay on it a bit longer but I think that 5-7 days is plenty to give my digestive system a clean up and all. I am going to continue with the light food, as the heat is crazy and what this has showed me is how cool the food can keep you.

I’m exhausted now. I do think it’s the heat, man, I do hope it gets better….I’m not sure I’m up for biking in this heat….


2 Responses to “The Cleanse: Part 3”

  1. howard July 23, 2006 at 7:40 pm #

    3;33am cleanse…….
    each thing we tend to do is an action, and every action has a reaction. kind of like yoga right?
    your father is lucky to have you go to whole foods with him, and you are lucky to cleanse and write about it, always, i mean always the energy you project is so good and positive. So is the whole simple is as simple does the answer, that is what i read when you write, and what i learn when you teach is we always have a little more to give in all areas – that is how we learn by giving –

  2. Elsie July 24, 2006 at 5:06 am #

    Thank you for your words Howard! 😉

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