I’m doing a cleanse!

21 Jul

I decided to do a bit of detoxing, given that my eating habits are so very vast. Unlike a lot of yogis I eat everything. I’m passionate about food. I love eating. I love tasting and savoring. I’m sure that I must have built up some waste somewhere within myself and plus it’s also a way to break patterns and habits, which I am a big fan of doing. So I incorporated as much of the information that I’ve gotten about detoxing, fasting, cleansing from various sources, and made up my own version of what I felt that I could do and would serve me best.
I’m basically doing vegetables, mostly in liquid form, all kinds of veggies no fruit, green drinks (barley grass, wheat grass, etc.) No coffee, or any other kind of caffeine beverages. I’m also making these sort of vegetable soupy kinda things, which I got from one of the books that I have. Also, I’m allowing myself to have chewable food, mainly at night, also just veggies, so of course that means salads. I incorporate good oils to dress the salad, and for all the food that I make I’m using spices which I have learned through my studies of Ayurveda that are good for me. I’m taking some ayurvedic herbs, vitamins and aloe vera, and of course drinking lots of water. I decided to to this cleanse right now also because it’s so hot! I would never be able to do something like this when it’s not this hot as everything that I’m doing is very cooling in nature.

So I started on Tuesday. Man it’s been hard! I have to say that what I craved on Tuesday morning was my morning coffee/tea, with soymilk. So, instead of that I had a coffee substitute which is made from roasted barley. It’s thick and dense like coffee, and yet tastes nothing like it! Yep, that had to suffice. I just had to allow myself to experience the drink for what it was, and then, not so bad. Tuesday, wasn’t too bad. I had a client at 8:15am, I was a bit bummed at not having my usual breakfast, which is coffee/tea with soymilk sweetened with stevia, and toast, with ghee and my new favorite apricot or orange marmalade. I LOVE TOAST IN THE MORNING! Anyway, had to let that go. I had a client at 10, and she cancelled on me, which wasn’t bad as I had more time to do my own stuff. I took the day off on Tuesday from 1 of my classes and one appointment so that I could settle into my life. I went to VP Vitamins, a great little healthfood store near where I live and stocked up on the good oils, chlorophyll, vitamins and aloe vera. Then I went to my local Whole Foods and stocked up on all my veggies. I got home about noon. Then I proceeded to make food, liquify food is more like it. All I wanted to to was to make myself a sandwich and it took a lot for me to have my liquified food. I forgot to mention that throughout the day I kept drinking water and my green drinks, so I’m plenty hydrated. I worked around the house for the rest of the day until I had to go teach at 6. The bike ride was not as exciting as it usually is, but not to bad. Teaching was also not too bad. Got home and was happy to eat a bit of salad and another kind of my soupy veggies. Took my herbs at night. Wednesday was not as good as Tuesday. Once again I was bummed that I couldn’t have my usual breakfast and this time I had juice for breakfast which somehow was enough. Biking to my classes was hard today. My muscles were achy, especially my legs. My noon class was mellow. My lunch before my 2:30 class lacked pizzaz. I took my veggies soup, and it was not so fun to eat. I ate only cause I had to. Class after that was also very mellow, not my usual energy driven class. I’ve been teaching a lot of hip openers and twists and they are so much more cooling for everyone. After class I soooooo did not want to stay for my friend Lucy’s class. All I wanted to do was get home. I was exhausted!!!! I knew that it would be good for me to stay so I went to Jamba Juice and got myself a 2oz wheat grass. During class my muscles just didn’t want to work with me at all. My breath was shallow, and I just could not engage. It seemed as if I needed to let go more. Thank god Lucy had a lot of hip openers because that is exactly what my body needed, opening up the hips, thighs and hamstrings, but even then, I could barely make it through. I did not want to bike home, now that is saying something. It took me almost 50 min to get home, usually it takes me 35! I took my time as my thighs were so tight! When I got home, I barely had enough energy to make my little salad and my soup. Oh!!! And, I was soooooo grumpy and moody. Man! Just not happy at all! :[ I ended up going to bed before 10, just couldn’t stay up. I did have a good night’s sleep. Mind you I wish I could have kept on sleeping.

At this moment, it’s about 9pm on Thursday, I’m not feeling too bad, but I have to say this morning I was nauseaous and wondered if I would be able to get through my day! My legs ached my feet felt as if I had been running all night. I had 2 privates this morning, one of them is about 3 miles away from my house and the other about 2 miles from the my first private. I kid you not. I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to make it. I considered cancelling. My bike rides sucked. Truly. I could barely catch a breath. I was tired in my body! I was awake, so I wasn’t groggy or anything but my legs, man 8-[ What was weird is that when I taught, I felt good. Nothing really interfeared with my teaching, I actually felt a bit more energized…a bit. I got home finally about noon, and had some juice and rested. I knew that I had to go teach again, my 1:30pm class, 4 miles away. That did not sound at all good to me. I got on my bike and left. All I kept thinking about as I biked was “why did I bike?” I was exhausted. Once again, class was very mellow and grounded and not too bad. Although I felt myself a bit moody and still a bit grumpy. Oh yeay, after that class I had to go work out with my friend who is training me. Yep, I know, but I did it anyway. Now that was hell. He made the workout much easier that usual and still, my muscles were fighting me the whole way. I wanted to do it so that I could release some toxins, sweat it out. Got home, chilled out for 30 min, and decided against biking to my last class, so I left earlier than usual and took the bus. Walking to the bus stop was nice and cooling. I felt pretty good. The bus ride was great. Suprisingly my 6pm class was great. I had a renewed energy somehow. The class envigorated me! When I left I was so not tired and so very clear headed! Who knew!!! So now I’m doing pretty well. We’ll see how tomorrow goes!


2 Responses to “I’m doing a cleanse!”

  1. thereverseside July 22, 2006 at 1:43 am #

    Enjoyed Reading this. I recently moved to Tokyo, and am finding new classes, health food stores, etc. I miss the convenience of familiarity. Good luck with the cleanse.

  2. Elsie July 22, 2006 at 6:16 pm #

    thank you so much from Tokyo! I do hope you find some fun classes and much yummy food! You are so right, I’m not sure that I would have been so easy for me to do this cleanse if the stuff wasn’t so available for me all around.

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