Grandpa update

31 May

So, Grandpa has not had surgery yet. His doctor has been out of town!!! So, he’s been waiting. Poor guy. I spoke with him today. He sounded pretty up. I asked specifically what was up and he said that his right lung has been filling up with liquid, not as bad as 2 yrs ago, which was his left lung. The surgery entails the lung being drained and then, from what I understood there is something injected into the lung which will prevent the liquid to build up within the lung in the future. I asked him how he knew what was going on, and he told me that during his exercises (yes, the man still works out!) he generally climbs stairs, and he begun to notice that he could no longer climb as many stairs as he used to. He noticed that everyday his stamina diminished and he got repeatedly more and more fatigued, so he knew something was up. How amazing is it that he still works out, and he was able to be so in touch, so connected that he recognized the imbalance. That’s yoga.


One Response to “Grandpa update”

  1. Jessie Bernard June 2, 2006 at 2:16 am #

    elsie, light and love to you, your grandpa and whole family. you’re all in my prayers. xo, jessie

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