The first day back

25 May

My first day back teaching! Wow, so what’s so incredible is that as much as you learn, as much focus and you have, to put things into action requires a lot more skill than merely listening. Participation, engagement at every moment is far more challenging than I even imagined. This past week and a half, I have grown a lot, encountered countless opportunities, and been put on the spot really, and yet, teaching itself is a lot more than these things. As much as I learned, as much as I delve into what I was taught, it all comes back to me. How do I digest the teachings, how can I find my own voice? Now that, it the key. We all see what is around us and we are inspired by music, paintings, nature, each other, countless other things, and the key to this, our life, is not so much to explain the beauty but to live the beauty, to live the blessings, to live the gratitude, to live more ourselves. We use the inspiration, to take us deeper so that we can then in our own individual way, express and inspire in the same way that we have been inspired. This is HARD! It’s a never ending process, a process of depth and humility.

What makes is easier is my students faces and their commitment. They inspire me to be more, to be all, as they in turn give me the best of themselves!

Thank you guys! You all are incredible 😉


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