The Wave of Gratitude

20 May

I’m done! Wow, the week went by so very fast, it’s incredible! I’m truly blessed to have been able to practice and to share with a group of unbelievably refined and beautiful teachers 🙂

The teaching that stuck with me today was how John began: Everything moves in waves, and the waves themselves pulse, bottom and top of the wave, and obviously the journey toward the pinnacle and the journey towards the descent. We can look at our yoga classes in this way, each class is a mini wave, a mini day, a mini life, so to speak. There is a beginning, a crescendo to the top, and a descent. Every breath is like that, every day, really is like that. The skill lies in the surfing. In the beginning, it’s a new cycle, a new time, an exciting start. Yea, we can do anything, we can be anything, we just have to choose. At the end, it’s all the preciousness that you have gathered. You can then look back and appreciate, with great gratitude the journey itself. If you are not in your heart, if you have a hard time getting into the heart, contemplate gratitude, it’s a sure fire way to get in there quick! 😀

This is what blossomed for me today. The gift of looking back at the week and seeing with appreciation all the work that went into creating such a cohesive event, the connections that we all made, John’s skill in taking us deeper, and his devotion to helping us fly, and thus giving each and every one of us the wings to help each other and ourselves. I was grateful to life itself, to my life and the many blessings that I have, my family, my students, my teachers, oh my, so many people, so many blessings. Just looking outside of the room was incredible, the Colorado skies, the sunshine, the mountains, the fantabulous weather! It is such a gift to be challenged, to be put in situations where you have got to move deeper within, to see all that I am, instead of that which I’m not. When we contemplate with gratitude, there is a natural fullness that arises, thus generosity flows out. Generosity is a natural offering that arises from appreciation and gratitude. I’m not always confident and strong. I’m not always steady and courageous. I definitely was not all those things this week all the time. I had great bursts of these qualities, these virtues, and yet what I found is that the softness, humility, openness to try and to fail, was much more uplifting. I felt that we as an Anusara community of refined teachers facilitated each other’s growth purely by being a reflection of each other, of what was possible within each and every one of us.

I long right now, to stay here for a bit longer. Not, so much to practice yoga and to do another training, but to revel in the environment. There is something about the spaciousness of Colorado that speaks to me, to a feeling of unbounded joy and freedom. I love the way the sky can be so blue and clear, and the next moment, specks of gray begin to form, the sky then changes into a deep gray with hints of light protruding here and there. The mystery of the Rockies is one of wonder, of great possibilities hidden within the waves of nature flowing out of their core. You can never truly know what is next, just to recognize that we are really not in control, we can only learn how to skillfully ride the wave. Grace has our back!


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