It’s time to play more…

18 May

I got a chance to sleep in a bit today. It’s so funny how I got up with plenty of time to do all that I had to do before leaving for the training and I still left in a rush. The day was incredible, just gorgeous. We really have been blessed by absolutely magnificent weather. When I got to the training all I really wanted to do was practice, play, but I knew that we had to learn and sit and listen, but as we got going John said we were practicing today! Yeay! We did a pretty descent practice for 2 hours and just had a heck of a lot of fun. It’s really so great when we get to practice together. There were plenty of giggles and laughter. We got a chance to do a lot of adjustments on each other, and that, my friends is absolute heaven. It just feels soooooo good when we get adjusted! I wanna do that all the time!

My most favorite time of all these days have been lunch time cause I get to sneek away, and just be alone. Being alone to me is one of my favorite things. Today I found the most magnificent coffee place.

yummy coffe place

Oh man, oh man. How about that, “the most passionate pursuit of the perfect cup.” That’s so my kind of place! I just sat out on their little patio read my magazine and listened to my favorite podcasts. To me that is heaven on earth, just chillin, relaxing and taking in the world.

It has also been so wonderful to just hang out with my fellow teacher buddies, not so much as teachers, but just as friends. A lot of the time we have some preconceptions on who we are as people because we don’t really see each other outside of a yoga setting, (which this is also) but we are getting to relax around each other and just be. I want more of that! What I feel is happening with me is that I no longer want to learn, all I want to do is play. I want to play hooky and not really pay attention and just have fun! I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to retain the stamina that is needed to keep steady and pay attention. I’ve been getting bigger and bigger urges to just leave, and go outside to do handstands and play around. What to do, what to do. Being cooped up in a room, although beautiful, has never been something I do too well, especially when there are a lot of people around. What really was it that I learned today? Community rocks, joy is increasing, and being alone is key to experiencing both of these.


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