Root to Rise

17 May

I was on my computer last night while watching the basketball game (San Antonio vs. Dallas), and thought that I had plenty of time before I needed to go to bed. I kept looking at the clock on my laptop, and it wasn’t until after the Spurs had lost that I figured out that my laptop’s time was LA time, not Colorado time! So, I ended up going to bed close to midnight, when all was said and done. Now, lack of sleep, especially when one needs to focus for long periods of time is not good. I was tired today. I could feel my brain, not really my body, fighting all day today. I just had a really hard time focusing all the way around. What then? Most of the time we are in a limited contracted, individual state. We don’t really see too clearly what is around us. We are cloaked of our own divine nature. So, when we practice yoga, everyday, we use what is before us, these boundaries, to experience unbounded freedom. Each day gives us the opportunity to know ourselves more exquisitely and as we participate more fully, use whatever rises up to our advantage, we can then see how our limitations begin to melt away. Today, we Rooted down to Rise up. The first step, always, not matter what is going on, good or bad, is to acknowledge the bigger picture, to stop and get more sensitive, to allow the inside to get ever so vibrant and full that the outer body just melts over that inner light. From here we can begin to settle into the earth more, settle into our hearts more, and as we Root, we begin to Rise. We begin to get lighter and more joyfull. As we worked in the practice today, John, really focused on the getting the foundation, the Root, precise and clear. We looked at the placement of our hands, our feet, our stances, really the general form of the poses. It’s amazing how even though I’ve done this so many different times, the simplicity of it always does bring a steadiness within. The placement of myself physically begins to affect my mind as it also begins to settle and calm. Even though the mind is slightly foggy and tired, as we work with the intention to align in a way that brings more increased prana, the haze lifts slowly and the mind becomes grounded. Once that unwavering stability flourishes then I can begin to Rise. What’s so cool, is that as I root down, as I move strongly into the earth, my body naturally begins to ascend, to become lighter and freer, more uplifted. The poses can now get ever more vibrant. As I find the dynamic balance of Rooting to Rising I’m taken back to the Heart. What’s so amazing about all this is that this method is only possible through Grace. As John said pointedly “I wouldn’t know any of this if Spirit wasn’t supporting me.” So we must acknowledge that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. We learn to embody both, stability and freedom. We worked together, teaching each other. Throughout the day, I fluctuated from heaviness to lightness. What I do know, is that sleep to me is the foundation, it’s my Root, and if I don’t establish that, then the freedom becomes something I can only long for. I’m so getting to sleep early tonight!!!


3 Responses to “Root to Rise”

  1. Michelle May 17, 2006 at 5:06 pm #

    I for one, am so thrilled to read my friends commentary on life, on art, on yoga, on grace. There is an honesty and a beauty to how you write, your views on life, your own struggle, your own acknowledgement of where you fall short, and where the spirit lifts you up. I am reminded why I hold you in such high regard. I am reminded how I can look at you and see, truly a spirit moving within you. In this world we are seldom inspired. We are seldom moved and affected by those we meet. You, as Elsie, are a gift. You posess the ability to remind those around you of their own grace. You teach the philosphy, allbeit perhaps unbeknownst to as I do. You live and breath your work, your art, your own grace and we all are sucked in to this world where we can see our own journey to grace because of you. Never stop writing because you can convey words to us and feelings that are so absolutely raw and honest that this is clearly a rare glimpse into you, to all of the parts of you that you share with the world. It is that, that is truly and deeply inspirational. I love you, my dear, dear friend. Featherbelly x

  2. Rick March 15, 2007 at 8:11 pm #

    I’m teaching asana classes this week based on “root to rise”…thanks so much for your insite into what that means beyond the physical dimension. You have helped me a lot!

  3. Elsie March 16, 2007 at 4:47 am #

    thank you so much Rick! I am honored that you are using Rooting to Rise as a way to empower your students! Thanks for participating more fully in your asana classes 😉 Your students will oh so benefit from it!

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