How do you Align with anything…

16 May

It’s already a lot of fun! Got up this morning extra early just so that I would know exactly where I was going! The whole training is being held at a humongous new center full of shopping, food and art. It’s called the Belmar Center

belmar center

My favorite things are the Whole Foods, which I hear is the largest in the United States, (I totally believe it!) and the bathrooms in the grand ballroom, (they are worth going to, even hanging out in, really). I will post pictures of both of those things sometime soon.

It’s a wonderful spacious room, with windows all around so the beauty of Colorado is always present. Today, was one of those incredible Colorado days, with bright sunshine and the Baby Blue skies this state is known for.

Today, was easy to Align.

Now in class we talk a lot of Alignment, but really what is it about? How do you align with something, with anything really? What is a key principle to align with anything? Cause, you can’t align with something unless you know where it is, right? This is what the theme for today was. This is what John, talked about throughout the day, and will continue to focus on through the week. Think about it, we first just have to feel where ‘it’ is, the thing that we want to align with, and if we are going to try to feel it out, why not aim high, Align with the Divine! When we harmonize with something, with each other it’s really about being open, to be willing to connect in the heart with something, or someone else. We all wish to align, so that we can be happier, freer, more grounded and light. We have to really soften our boundaries to feel what is around us. That is what really drives our practice. Notice now, with the classes that you take, how can you open to recieve what the teacher is offering you, what your fellow practitioners are offering, and also, how do you participate in such a way that you facilitate in moving in that flow.

What is so great about this practice of Anusara yoga is that we are like minded and like hearted, and we as teachers, here in Colorado, when we come together and support each other we help each other rise higher. We begin to line up in such a way that individually we grow and expand to recognize the deeper knowledge of the Spirit that fills all of us. When we then come back to our homes we can then carry that deeper knowing and help all our students grow also, for how far do we want to stretch out? As much as possible without loosing the deeper Connection! As John said today, “Tap back into the Universal Wellspring, feel the energy inside swelling naturally Bright”


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