Grandpa Words

10 May

The thinking Granpa I usually don’t talk about this in class, and for the past 2yrs I have been blessed by my Grandpa’s health. Some of you may know, some not, so I’ll share with you again. My Grandfather was diagnosed with an advanced stage of lung cancer about 3yrs. ago. Some of you may remember that I left to go to El Salvador 2yrs. ago to be with him as he became pretty sick. His lung filled up with about 2 liters of liquid and he wasn’t doing to well. We thought that it was the end. Our whole family managed to go back to El Salvador. That was the first time we had all of us been back together since about 1986, when we first got our green card. The pictures that are up of me at the beach are of that time that I went back to be with him. Now, a good grandaughter would not have been having pictures taken at the beach if her Grandpa was on his death bed. Well, when we and I arrived in El Salvador I had never seen anyone with lung cancer look this good!!! He was up and about, just full of life really! I was so fearfull of going as I thought, oh no, here goes a bad trip, full of sadness and all. My whole family had a great time while we were there. Unforgetable. Well, it turned out that somehow by the Grace of God, Grandpa was able to pull out of it. He continued for the next 2yrs. to manage being the dean of medicine at of the Universities in El Salvador, Jose Matias Delgado, and maintain his practice (he is a doctor) at home. He would see an average of about 5 patients every afternoon. Now, my Grandpa, has a very refined reputation, as a man of incredible heart, depth and integrity. As people found out of his diagnosis, he had many visitors and many honors vested upon him. He’s felt lucky that he has gotten to celebrate his life fully and be recognized by his family and colleages while he’s still alive. He considers this a profound gift. As of yesterday, my Mom told me that it seems my Grandpa is not doing too well. His other lung has began to fill with liquid and he has lost his appetite, therefore, loosing some weight. He has not gone to work, nor recieved patients. My heart breaks. Although, we know what is coming, I yearn for forever with him. Although I am not close, I feel him near, and want so much from him. I share this, I guess really because loss and sorrow are part of all of us, and I know that many of you may have felt, of feel this kind of loss. I only hope that in the celebration of my most Mighty Grandpa, I may somehow gain some of the Faith that he possesses, as he still strives to be all that he can. He is truly a blessings to all of us and his deep commitment to God, life and his family is reflected in his smile and in the depth of his eyes. This picture is of Grandpa doing what I love to watch him do, observing nature through artist’s eyes and marveling at the Glory of God reflected in her green grass. Blessings to my Grandpa!!!!! May he keep on, keeping on!


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  1. Humberto Mejia July 24, 2010 at 5:02 pm #

    I was reviewing the fotos,video and text about Dr. Fernandez;I remember that he did clinical research that was published in journals; among this research I recall a study on the treatment of typhoid fever and on the treatment of trypanosomiasis, also on the diagnosis of liver diseases with needle biopsy, and a study of liver pathology with needle aspiration;I am sure that he did much more research,and it would be of benefit for the Medicine in El Salvador and for the history of medicine to have all his work published in one tome.He also wrote about Medical Education and this is also very important.

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