May 14- May 23

4 May

As some of you know, or maybe all of you since you are here. I’m going to be leaving town to go to Denver, Colorado for a Master Teacher Immersion, sounds fancy, huh? So for the week beginning on Sunday, May 14th until Tuesday May 23, I will not be teaching any public classes!!! Aghhhh!!!! But I have to say that I have made sure that y’all are well taken care of. There’s a page over here on the right that will be updated fully to show you who is subbing for me and who the peeps are, so that you can come play with them! I suggest, (of course you can make your own decisions), that you continue attending class, experience as much as you can, and allow yourself to be open to these fine teachers, who have a lot to offer, to refine your practice! Step deeper into your own heart!


One Response to “May 14- May 23”

  1. Teigh May 5, 2006 at 12:16 am #

    Elsie–you are truly a Goddess! I adore u and am so glad u are one of our teachers at Swerve.
    You Rock!

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