Welcome to the Elsie World!!!!

2 May

So I decided to create this place so that all of my students and friends could see what I’m up to and to continue furthering conversation about yoga and/or anything else that strikes my fancy, which at times, as some of you know, is a bunch of stuff! I would love to have you guys participate and ask questions or comment on anything that has meaning to you, which at times, often times goes unsaid. Every day we are all given the great gift of life and self expression, whether you choose to do it here with me, to share in a conversation, to deepen your understand or through any other way, please feel free to share! By the way….that includes on giving me hints as to how to personalize this site to be ever more functional, (hint: to those who know computer stuff, widgets, links, and all that good stuff!)


One Response to “Welcome to the Elsie World!!!!”

  1. Joe Shashaty May 4, 2006 at 7:38 am #

    Elsie has a gift and embodies the true spirit of Anusara Yoga….to quote Anusara Yoga philosophy….

    “On our yoga mat we artistically offer our individual light and our unique music with the heartfelt prayer of adding more beauty, love, and goodness to the world.”

    That`s Elsie.
    Namaste and Thank you for your unique music.

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